TRIMANI coffee is a product of traditional, slow roasting artisanship.

The raw coffee arrives in burlap sacks of 60 to 70 kg/130 to 155 lbs. in Regensburg. We temporarily place the sacks in cold storage with constant temperature control, until they are called for at the roasting house. The beans are then roasted at a low temperature, 200° C/390° F maximum, for 15 to 20 minutes. Each coffee variety has its own roasting profile and is individually refined during the roasting process.

This slow roasting method produces an aromatic coffee, free from bitterness or acidity. After roasting, the coffee rests for 48 hours in cotton sacks, allowing its full aroma to unfold. It is then blended to a delicious TRIMANI composition and packed for delivery.

TRIMANI does not make use of a coffee warehouse. Our coffees are always freshly processed and are only available upon request. Only thus can we guarantee absolute freshness and full aroma.