Welcome to the TRIMANI Lab

Our TRIMANI laboratory in Regensburg roasts, prepares, samples and researches. Nothing less than perfection will do. Perfection also means the most fluid choreography between an outstanding espresso roasting, the grinder, the espresso machine and the barista.

The four interrelated factors for a perfect espresso.

Never underestimate the importance of machine quality, starting with the grinder. Many manufacturers provide “grind on demand” products, which grind each serving individually.

Freshly ground coffee means maximum aroma in every cup. In addition, they provide fast and easy adjustment of amount and fineness without unnecessary waste.

Grind on demand grinders are excellent for choice Arabica espresso blends.

On the other hand, should you prefer Robusta then the traditional capacity grinder is called for. Espresso with a high density of Robusta has more gases in the beans, i.e. CO2 and nitrogen. Grinding fresh-roasted Robusta espresso with a “grind on demand” grinder will cause coarse blisters in the crema. However, grinding this espresso blend in a capacity grinder and allowing it to “breathe” a few minutes will provide you with a beautifully smooth crema. A Robusta of noble quality, tenderly roasted, will create a slightly sweet espresso with a chocolaty note.

A superior espresso can only be brewed by a superior espresso machine. TRIMANI relies on dual-boiler and multi-boiler systems. These machines have more than one boiler, making varying pressures available for steaming milk, brewing teas and, of course, creating a distinctive espresso. Hereby, the brewing temperature remains constant and the full espresso aroma flows directly into the cup. Provided that a constant brewing pressure of nine bar is attainable.

A barista must understand the choreography of all factors.

Each morning, he samples the espresso, readjusts the grinder when necessary, presses the freshly ground espresso into the sieve by applying ca. 20 kg/ 45 lbs. of pressure and prepares the espresso.

TRIMANI recommends the following parameters:

Amount for a single cup: 8 - 9 g/0.2 - 0.3 oz.
Brewing temperature: 92 - 94 °C/197 – 201° F
Brewing time: 25 sec

This results in 25 ml extremely good coffee.