Commited to organic farming

Our long-standing business relationships with coffee farmers around the world, who use local natural resources responsibly and care for the environment, enable us to offer exceptionally delicate and ecologically sustainable coffees.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our organic TRIMANI coffees only come from certified farming. At TRIMANI, we know exactly where our green coffees are produced and how they are grown, harvested and processed.

We are proud that our coffees have been awarded a comprehensive organic certification in line with the EU-Eco regulation. The appreciation and fairness which characterizes our business relations with coffee farmers all over the world, however, is most important to us. We make sure, for example, to pay adequate prices for green coffees. In doing so, we are able to offer our farmers prices which are significantly above average.

TRIMANI currently stocks the following organic coffees: Bio Barista and Marcala Organico

Certified organic according to EU regultation